From a practical point of view, I never fully understood how important it is to have a job you love until I entered the world of photography. Photography has brought to my life that strange thing of smiling and not feeling tired at all, regardless of how many long hours a certain assignment may require.

Anyone slightly familiar with the art of photography knows it’s a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.
My journey started several years ago when I got a nice Nikon.
I knew I don’t make a photographer just by possessing it; all those thrilling things were hidden right there in my mind and my fingers, I just needed some practice to understand that, to the act of photography, one brings all the pictures he has seen, the books he has read, the music he has heard, the people he has loved, the entire being.
I learned that photography has little to do with the things you see; it has much more to do with the way you see them.
It is actually as easy as finding that little something in places/people, no matter how ordinary they might be.

So, I started following my intuition and making my miracles. I am observing and capturing – preserving time and moments, describing the world the way I see it. Throughout all these years, I learned –  it is about technique, but also about spontaneity and simplicity. Being simple is my professional attitude, regardless of what I shoot. And well, when my intuition fails me, I go for a cold beer. It’s  not always flowers and chocolates .

My photos are the expressions of what I feel about what I am photographing at a certain moment. And if someone likes one or more of my pics,  I want him/her to like them the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice or put a favourite song on repeat…That’s the vibe I want to share.

No matter how many bad assignments, bad days, bad clients, technical disasters, the shouldas, couldas and wouldas are around me, I always remember to make room to shoot what I love. That’s  my  way to keep my heart beating as a photographer.

Smiles, photographs and some good music, a universal language that transcends both cultural  and conceptual boundaries, that’s what you’ll find here. Welcome!